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OMGyes is a ‘Binge-watch with Benefits:’ something you want to keep watching no matter how late it gets – but that’s also nutritious for your life and mind.

One month after binge-watching OMGyes, people in a new study* had: 💬 More words for what they find pleasurable, 🙋🏾 More confidence guiding partners, 💥 Experiences of pleasure that felt new to them, physically, 💏 Higher relationship closeness (for couples who watched together),🤸🏽‍♀️More body positivity and 👵🏽 Re-awakened curiosity about their own (and their partner’s) pleasure.

* From an Indiana University School of Medicine study on OMGyes as a positive psychology intervention. Comparing pre and 1-month post surveys of 1,000 people, ages 18-83.

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