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High Vibe Money Tribe podcast with Lisa Holtan

Podcast drops on September 14th, 2021.

Learn all about how to keep your vision about money and abundance clear so you can receive more!

Creating a lifestyle of joy, abundance and freedom with your health to wealth coach, Lisa Holtan.  Lisa helps YOU go from a lack mindset to fully living in divine abundance, by supporting you as you break through old money and health stories, step into your abundance and start living the life you were meant for!

Naked Tax Talk with Jonathan Bengel EA (February 25th, 2021) (18+)

What do taxes and sex have in common?  More than you bargained for! In this RED HOT interview we talk all about how knowing what you want and going after is the most important thing you can be doing.  The IRS won’t mind it either!


The Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed Podcast (February 17th, 2021) (18+)

Podcast Link- Stand Up Comedy Sex EdRaylene Taskoski developed her unique mix of Sex Ed and Stand Up Comedy in living rooms throughout New England. For over a decade she’s educated women about how their bodies work and why they work that way and along the way she’s gained some hilarious universal truths and insights that leave her guests roaring with laughter and a sense of relief that “it’s not just me!”

​The Stand Up Comedy Sex Ed Podcast is about taking these topics out of the living room and letting everyone hear what we’ve been talking about in private!  Raylene talks to Angel Johnstone on his podcast about confidence, sex and confidence, sex and money (no, not like that), writing erotica and her book Ladies First, an interesting new “fav position” we haven’t heard before and her very attentive partner.

The Legendary Leaders Podcast (Sept 17, 2020)

The Legendary Leaders Podcast - episode 47
Podcast Link

How confident are you in asking for what you want in the bedroom? Did you know that a woman who knows what to ask in the bedroom, knows what she deserves and how to ask for it in her other aspects of life? As women, we tend to forget about our own sexual pleasure as we become preoccupied with life and hence lose our overall confidence which shouldn’t be the case.

Angel Johnstone is the creator of Confidence is Catchy and writer of erotic and short stories. She creates confidence-building programs and events for women by teaching them how to regain their confidence by asking their partners what they want in the bedroom. Listen in to learn how being confident in the bedroom to ask for what you want translates to asking for what you want in other areas of your life. You will also learn how you can start your journey of sexual communication with your partner.

The Purpose Girl Podcast (July 4, 2019)

Do you consider yourself a very confident person? Or, do you feel that you’re not very confident? People often think of confidence as binary, where you either have it or you don’t, either you’re a confident person or you’re not. My special guest today, Angel Johnstone, reframes confidence and helps us understand how we all have areas in which we act confidently, and other areas in which we don’t act confidently, or we don’t act confidently yet. Angel Johnstone is a writer of erotica and short stories and creates confidence building programs and events for women, and she teaches us how we can become more comfortable owning our own confidence.



The Stiletto Dialogue : BOLDNESS IN THE BEDROOM!  (June 18, 2019)

When we commune and talk about what matters, we become better. When we open up our hearts to new possibility, hope rises. And, when we share our lessons and experiences, we become courageous. Welcome to The Stiletto Dialogue a free teleconference discussion on matters important to women! Let’s talk, shall we?

Boldness in the Bedroom can seem so far away when we are struggling to stay on the hamster wheel and fighting back the breathlessness of ‘not enough’.  But every once in a while, we stop for a moment and catch a glimpse of what we really want…to be seen, heard, valued AND SEXY. Yes, beautiful, IMPERFECT and SEXY. My BOLD guest, Angel Johnstone helps women who feel stuck in their work or home life, languishing in a mediocre version of their lives, find the confidence they need reclaim their power in their lives and in the bedroom. Expect this call to sizzle.  Expect to be inspired….to reclaim your SEXY.

Angel Johnstone is a writer of erotica and short stories and creates confidence building programs and events for women.  She molds together her diverse background and experiences with her love of personal development strategies to help others grow. With a list of “failures” a mile long, she knows that every new beginning is the gift of an opportunity to move past shame, disappointment and fear.  Her mission is to help women feel more confident so that they can change the world together!

Word of Mom Radio (Dec 12, 2018)

Word of Mom Radio is the show for Mompreneurs and the NEW Business Woman and named #1 podcast for #mompreneurs by!!! Founder Dori DeCarlo is here with Angel Johnstone who asks “Do you want to scream at Red and Green everything in every store? Is the Grinch your relative? Does hearing carols in November give you a tick? If you are feeling like the Holidays are more a burden than a joy or they increase your stress instead of relieve it, you are definitely NOT alone!”

Contrary to what most people come to believe, being confident is NOT about having it all figured out in advance!  It is about knowing that tomorrow you can learn more, grow and be better than today.–angel-johnstone–confidence-to-face-the-holi-daze